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Fea Money is the 1st European impact driven neo ~ bank In the making, built for women and their families.
We offer female friendly financial products dedicated to empower women financially.

Our story

The strong woman behind Fea Money is Angelyne Larcher. She started this business idea in 2019 and founded Fea Money in February 2021.
Angelyne noticed that although women are the most powerful consumers driving 70 – 80% of all purchasing power worldwide, they tend to be risk averse when it comes to taking charge of their finances and increasing their wealth.

This was mainly due to the fact women go through different stages in life such as motherhood, which has a drastic effect on their finances.
The market is overloaded with various financial products and services that neither meet the financial needs of women nor offer solutions to this problem.
This is why Angelyne wanted to develop a solution tailored to women’s financial needs and challenges.

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