Financial Intimacy: Romance on a Budget-10 Cheap Date Night Ideas to Revive the Love

By Clari Melo, Contributor, Fea Money Financial Literacy School. Photo Credit Unsplash

When you find the love of your life, life takes on different hues. It becomes completely different to what it had been earlier. Each day becomes an opportunity for meeting, conversing or sharing new experiences with that special someone in your life. The routine things hardly seem to count. All that matters is being with the love of your life – for as long as possible. Perhaps, this is what romance is. Everything looks rosy and the daily routine of life is nothing more than a mirage in a world filled with dreams and love.

Yet, even the best laid plans go awry. As a result, the mundane routine of life starts gaining the upper hand over the relationship. The emotions of love and affection recede into the background, when faced with the daily routine of financial, household, and child-bearing responsibilities. To avoid this, you need to keep the romance alive in your togetherness. The formula is simple: do nothing more than appreciating and celebrating your partner.

Renewing the Relationship – Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Your Togetherness for the Romantic Couple

A good way to achieve this is to walk down memory lane. By remembering and reliving past experiences, you could rejuvenate your relationship. Here is a list of 10 ways by which you could relive the past and bring the good ol’ days back into your present. That too, without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Revisit Your First Date

There’s something unforgettable about a first date. It has all the ingredients of a good romantic movie—from the initial feelings of anxiousness and expectation to the joy of being together. So, why not relive your first date this anniversary? Retrace the steps you took all those years ago and gain a better understanding of the past in the present.

2. Compile Your Own Personal Photo Album

While you’re reliving your first date, don’t forget to take your camera along. Revisit all the places that have a special significance for both of you and freeze those moments forever. It could be the place where you first met or where you kissed for the first time. Even if you’re living in a different city currently, take the time to return to your roots and capture these moments. Then, create your personal anniversary album from these vignettes. It might also be worthwhile taking a photograph in a place both of you find special on each anniversary. It would help you trace your journey through the sands of time, on your silver or golden wedding anniversary.

3. Create Your Own Special Anniversary Playlist

For the musically inclined, it’s quite likely that music played an important role in bringing the two of you together. Create a personal playlist that has all the songs that have a deeper meaning in your relationship. It could be the song you serenaded your partner with. Or, it could be a song that brings back many happy memories. Head off to a nice quiet place and listen to the songs. Share the memories and associations that the songs bring to mind.

4. Watch Your Wedding Video Together

Many couples record every moment of their wedding day, hoping to go through it at leisure subsequently. However, not many actually carry out their plans. There’s no point getting a wedding video made if you’re never going to watch it. So, cuddle up together and watch the biggest day of your lives unfold. Couples often don’t enjoy their wedding day because of all the preparations and the stress of getting everything ready for the big day. Watching your wedding video could help you relive your special day.

5. Prepare a Special Meal Together

Cooking in solitude might not be very enjoyable. However, if both of you cook together, it might result in some fantastic food on your dinner table. If you want to take this to another level, you could try preparing some dishes that were on the menu on your wedding night. Relish the sumptuous fare together while you watch one of your favorite movies.

6. Attempt Some Handiwork

If both of you are the creative and artistic types, it might be fun to get your hands dirty. Consider attending an enjoyable session of making and decorating pottery. You could decorate your home with misshapen pieces of your handiwork. If you like painting, you could sign up for a session or two and attempt a portrait of the special person in your life.

7. Try Writing a Poem

For people who have a way with words, nothing can be as charming and impressive as a poem. So, consider writing a poem for the love of your life. You could make it humorous or touching—the choice is entirely yours. However, being the subject of a poem never fails to charm the person concerned.

8. Give Thoughtful Gifts

Consider giving gifts that have a greater sentimental value to your partner. Focus on giving gifts based on the anniversary year and imbue them with a personal touch. For example, the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. You could present your partner with a customized notepad or stationery, a scrapbook of your memories, etc. The idea is not about gifting something valuable, but of gifting something of value. 

9. Spend the Day Together, Minus the Technology

The present generation will probably never know what it felt like to have a day all to yourself. There were no cell phones, internet, or social media. Therefore, consider spending a day, rooted in an era, when these gadgets were conspicuous by their absence. Spend the day together without worrying about checking emails, messages, or anything else online.

10. Try Something Innovative Occasionally

On significant anniversaries, a little splurging could be a good way to celebrate togetherness. Try something exciting that neither of you has experienced before. For example, you could make a bucket list of things you want to do. Plan some of these events around your significant anniversaries. The excitement of doing something far removed from your daily routine will make the day even more memorable.

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