A Day In Life Of A Stay Home Mum With Susan Rizzo – An Architecture By Profession

My name is Susan. I am 40 something years old, married with three kids. My kids are between the ages of 6  and 11. 

At the moment, I am a fulltime mother and housewife and it has been like this for the past eleven years by choice. Because both my husband and I are foreigners and it would have been hard for us to get childcare help if we both worked. 

So, because of the language barrier as well, I still had to learn the local language and i knew it would take some time, so I could also take care of the kids at the same time. And at the moment, I feel like the time is right to start looking for a job, since the kids are getting older and I think I have a good basic knowledge of German to start looking for a job. 

What is your financial situation like?

My husband takes care of our finances. We had an agreement right at the beginning of our marriage about that. Not because he is particularly good at it, but because I was busy with childcare and I didn’t really have time to deal with that and he would tend to do it between breaks at work, so it would work for him that way. But I would take time to have regular updates from him on where we were at financially, what our goals are, what investments we wanted to do, how to go about it, where to go, even the choice of banks, savings accounts, we did that together. And also the choices of where to get our 3rd pillars, insurances. Those kinds of things I’m very much involved in even though I don’t check on our finances on a daily basis like he does.

What are your financial goals together as a family?

We plan to increase our financial situation by me finding a job, and also include kids’ into the financial dynamics. We don’t only want to concentrate on our financial futures, but also make sure that we have savings accounts for our kids.

What are your personal financial goals?

My financial goal is to be completely financially independent. I would like to reach the point where I am able to earn enough money where I can be able to pay rent and take care of health insurance. The usual daily financial issues that one needs to pay here in Switzerland, I would like to contribute financially. Even if I have a partner.

What does it mean for you to be financially independent?

For me to be financially independent also means for me to create my own business. And not just one, I have a few ideas. I am an architect professionally but I would like to do interior designing and I could also see myself as a cake decorator. I would also like to venture into that. So, I have these two ideas to achieve financial goals.

What kind of support are you looking for to achieve your financial goals/financial independence?

If I ever get to the point of where I would need extra help, I would really like to get a loan instead of me having to depend on my family savings, to start my own business. And then after that, get help from wherever I get the loan to get guidance and not feel like I am alone in getting my business going.

What would make a bank more approachable for you?

If there were more women bankers at the bank, who understood my situation, that would be helpful. If I were to walk into a bank now, I would feel very intimidated, because of this “masculine” ambience. I would feel as if I am looked down at as a woman. If I could get support from a woman in this situation, I would feel less intimidated and it would be very helpful for me.

Would you value a bank that had a community aspect to it?

If there’s a bank that offered a community situation, I would love that. That means, I could share my experiences, I could ask for help or advice from other community members and we could support each other. It would be a good give and take situation. 

When you heard about Fea Money, what was your first reaction?

When I heard about Fea Money, I was immediately attracted to the idea. I had so many questions. I was excited to hear about a bank that’s for women and run by women. Because it reminded me of the situation of going to a traditional bank and being approached by a man banker and wanting to support you the way they think is right, but is not necessarily what you think is right or what you need. So, having a women’s bank made me excited for me and my future and my daughter and her friends and anybody who might be interested.

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