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We unlock the world of investing and saving for women through cashback

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Women are the most powerful consumers driving 70 - 80%
of all the purchasing power worldwide.

Despite having this buying power and influence, they tend
to be risk averse when it comes to finance and investment.

We unlock the world of investing and saving for women
through a unique cashback model.

Let's put our buying power and influence to good use.

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How is Fea Money beneficial to you?

Fea Money Debit Card grants you access to expert-led financial education, a women’s community, cash back and discounts on brands.

Every transaction with your Fea Money debit card earns you cash back, which you can invest in either a portfolio of your choice or in your pension fund or save for any future goal.

This grows your investment skills as well as your financial savings.

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Education on personal finance & investment

Access resources for financial education on women's money challenges, including practical solutions targeted at mothers, both working, stay-at-home mothers and mothers to be, that are revolutionizing the way women spend, buy, invest, and save money by being prepared.

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How Fea Money works

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Sign up for Fea Money membership pass.

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Select the ideal account that fits your current stage of life.

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Download the Fea Money App.

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Access the Fea Money financial world.

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9 things you can do in the app

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Receive payments and pay bills.

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Invest and build up wealth.

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Withdraw money from ATMs.

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Save for your future goals.

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Learn personal finance management.

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Access a supportive community.

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Discuss and share knowledge.

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Access a market place of cash back and discounts.

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Plan your finances and family before any important life events, such as becoming
a mother, retiring, or going through menopause.

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Why can you trust us

We are a team of entrepreneurs and experts from the finance and tech sector in Switzerland that started in 2019 with the mission to make it easier and more convenient for women to have all their financial needs in one place. We work with Hypothekarbank Lenzbug and MasterCard.

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