We unlock the world of investing and saving for women through personalised financial products built with women in mind

Women are the most powerful consumers driving 70 – 80% of all the purchasing power worldwide.

Despite having this buying power and influence, they tend to be risk averse when it comes to finance and investment.

We unlock the world of investing and saving for women through a unique cashback model.

Let’s put our buying power and influence to good use.

How we can support you navigate your finances during different life stages

The various stages of a woman’s life can be thrilling yet daunting, with significant effects on her personal and professional life. While some milestones can be anticipated, others may arise unexpectedly, altering her life journey and influencing her growth. These experiences shape her character and determine her financial well-being.

We accompany you through life stages by pairing you with the right information, knowledge and financial products at each stage

How you can benefit

Tailored digital accounts for women and their partners

Every transaction with your Fea Money debit card earns you cashback, which you can invest in either a portfolio of your choice or in your pension fund or save for any future goal.

This grows your investment skills as well as your financial savings.

Our Solution

All-in-One platform, we combine knowledge with the right product

Female-focused financial courses

Supportive community

Personalized life and financial planning

Attractive cash-back opportunities

Tailored banking and saving solutions

Curated sustainable investment

How it works

Register and select the account tailored to your current life situation.

Download the Fea Money App. Get your Fea Money Debit MasterCard sent home to you.

Start spending money and receiving cashback.

Invest or save your cashback. (No worries, we will support you along the way.)

Relax and watch your money grow.

Why you can trust us

We are a team of entrepreneurs and experts from the finance and tech sector in Switzerland that started in 2019 with the mission to make it easier and more convenient for women to have all their financial needs in one place. 

Secure Swiss Banking

Regulated Swiss Services

Swiss Privacy Designed

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